Im New
What to Expect

If this will be your first visit at Fellowship Baptist Church Of Coney Island, here is what you can expect. The doors open at 10:30am, the service begins at 11am and ends at 1pm. Grab a free cup of coffee and have a snack as you fellowship and get to know others before and after the service.

Fellowship has always been a place where we keep it very simple. It’s relaxed but focused. We don’t believe there is a need to be flashy or put on big show for people to meet God. We believe that Jesus is more than enough. We have a traditional worship service where the congregation joyfully sings the classic hymns of the faith. We understand churches can look very different. If our expression of worship is not familiar to you, we hope you will still hear from God through His Word. As Christians, our worship aims to point away from ourselves and point to God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. That simple shift of perspective helps us to live selflessly for God’s glory rather than our own. We encourage families to worship together. Feel free to use the back room available for moms if needed. Please ask someone if you are not sure where that is. See one of the Church secretaries before you leave to receive a free visitor’s gift bag.

Whether you are a Christian wanting to know more about what we
believe, or you have other spiritual questions, please let someone know. The Pastor is usually available after each service and would be glad to talk with you.

We would love for you, your family and friends to visit and worship with us this Sunday.